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Marketing 4.0 MCQ With Answers (2021) (With PDF)

Chapter: Human Centric Marketing for Brand Attraction

Driven by core values, human-centric brands treat customers as ______

A. Users

B. Masters

C. Exploiters

D. Friends

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D. Friends

In the Human-Centric approach for Brand Attraction, the marketers need to create brands with following three characteristics:

A. Approachable, likable & vulnerable

B. Accountable, responsible & Humanitarian

C. Accessible, personal & ethical

D. Affordable, applicable & utilitarian

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A. Approachable, likable & vulnerable

Today’s customers like the brands to be less intimidating, authentic, honest and which _______

A. Shows great attributes

B. Offers benefits beyond expectations

C. Gives hopes to solve problems

D. Admit their flaws

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D. Admit their flaws

Customers build communities to strengthen their position as they feel vulnerable to marketing ploys. This is because marketers often forget the _________ of customers

A. Human side

B. Ethical side

C.Emotional side

D. Psychological side

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A. Human

Marketers need to adapt to the new reality that ‘The customer preferences have manifested in the digital era’ and hence create brands that behave like _____

A. Slaves

B. Humans

C. Machines

D. Robots

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B. Humans

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